Dispensary Crime Stats

  1. Crime drops on average 13% in areas with a medical marijuana dispensary1.
  2. Increasing amounts of dispensaries in US cities does not show an increase in criminal behavior1.
  3. Most safety measures in the cannabis dispensary industry are focused on cash handling and transportation1.
  4. Dispensary adjacent areas usually see a 84% decrease in crime once opened1.
  5. There is no correlation between dispensary locations and an increase of violent crime1.
  6. Adult use marijuana laws are not associated with an uptick in overall criminal activity1.
  7. Much of the literature regarding the impact of marijuana legalization on crime shows promising effects, including decreases in violent and property crime, reductions in drug-related arrests, and an improvement in crime clearance rates1.
  8. Legalizing marijuana for recreational use in Colorado and Washington was generally not associated with variations in index crime rates1.
  9. There is little evidence to suggest that increases in marijuana consumption encourage the use of harder substances or violent criminal activity1.
  10. Recreational marijuana legalization in Colorado had a crime-reducing effect on neighboring states, specifically, the property crime rate and larceny rate experienced substantial decreases in the border counties in neighboring states relative to nonborder counties following the legalization in Colorado1.

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