The States of Being High

Understanding Cannabis High

Ever found yourself pondering what it feels like to be high on cannabis? The journey through a cannabis high can be an adventure filled with various stages and a spectrum of sensations. Before we dive into the intricate details, remember that everyone’s experience can differ based on numerous factors.

The Stages of Cannabis High

If you have ever considered trying cannabis, understanding the typical stages of a cannabis high is crucial. This knowledge can help you navigate the experience with ease.

Anticipation: Mental Preparation and the Role of the Environment

The first stage, often overlooked, is anticipation. The user’s mindset and environment can significantly influence the forthcoming experience. Excited? Nervous? The emotions you feel as you prepare to consume cannabis can shape the nature of your high.

The Initial Buzz: The First Feelings and Variances in Experiences

Next comes the initial buzz. You might start feeling euphoric, giggly, or suddenly fascinated by things around you. This stage can be subtle for some, while others may experience a more pronounced shift in perception.

The Peak: Intensity of Effects and Duration

After the initial buzz, you reach the peak – this is when the effects of cannabis are the most intense. You might feel altered time perception, intensified colors, and an extreme case of the munchies. Again, experiences vary, so buckle up for the ride!

Plateau: Persistence of Effects and Coping Strategies

Following the peak, you’ll hit the plateau stage, where the effects persist but don’t intensify further. Depending on the strain and consumption method, this stage can last a few minutes to several hours.

Coming Down: Transitioning to Normalcy and Post-high Symptoms

Lastly, the “coming down” stage occurs. Here, the effects gradually fade, and you start to feel more like your sober self. Some users may experience mild fatigue or a sense of mental fog during this stage.

Factors Influencing Cannabis High Stages

The journey through a cannabis high isn’t the same for everyone. Ever wondered why? There are several influencing factors.

Cannabis Strains: Indica vs. Sativa and THC vs. CBD

Different cannabis strains can induce various effects. While Indica strains might make you feel relaxed and sleepy, Sativa strains often result in more energetic highs. Additionally, the ratio of THC to CBD in the strain can significantly impact the experience.

Method of Consumption: Smoking vs. Edibles and Onset Time

The method of consumption also plays a crucial role. Smoking or vaping cannabis usually leads to a quicker onset of effects than edibles. But remember, with edibles. The high can last longer and be more intense.

Individual Tolerance: Regular User vs. Occasional User and Impact of Age and Metabolism

Tolerance levels can significantly influence your cannabis high. Regular users may need higher doses to achieve the same effects as occasional users. Your age, metabolism, and even your mood can affect your experience.

Dosage: More Isn’t Always Better and Finding the Right Amount

Remember that with cannabis, more isn’t always better. Higher doses can lead to uncomfortable experiences. It’s always best to start low and go slow.

Handling an Intense Cannabis High

Being high can be fun, but it’s essential to be safe.

Safety Measures: Staying Hydrated and Having a Trusted Companion

Drink plenty of water, and if you’re new to cannabis, make sure you’re with someone you trust.

Remedies for Too Intense High: Black Pepper Technique and CBD to Counterbalance THC

If you’re feeling too high, sniffing black pepper or consuming some CBD can help counterbalance the effects of THC. Remember, no matter how intense, the high will pass.


Understanding the stages of a cannabis high can enrich your experience and ensure safety. So whether you’re a seasoned user or contemplating your first puff, remember these stages and factors influencing the journey. With knowledge and careful use, cannabis can provide an enjoyable and relaxing experience.


  1. How long does a cannabis high last? A cannabis high can last from 1 to 6 hours, depending on the strain, method of consumption, and individual tolerance.
  2. Does everyone experience the same stages during a cannabis high? Not necessarily. The stages and their intensity can vary significantly between individuals based on numerous factors, including the strain of cannabis, consumption method, individual tolerance, and dosage.
  3. Can you control the intensity of your cannabis high? Yes, to an extent. The strain, dosage, and consumption method can be adjusted to influence the intensity of the high.
  4. What can I do if my cannabis high is too intense? If your high is too intense, stay calm and remember it will pass. Hydrating, taking deep breaths, or using CBD can help mitigate THC’s effects.
  5. Is it possible to avoid a bad high? While not guaranteed, having a positive mindset, being in a safe environment, and starting with a low dose can help avoid a negative cannabis high experience.


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