Top High CBD Strains

High CBD Strains

Most educated cannabis users are familiar with CBD, and nowadays you see it advertised in just about every product you can imagine from ointments and tinctures to coffee. Even in states where cannabis hasn’t been made legal yet, you can still find and purchase CBD that has been extracted from hemp.

The reason that CBD is legal whereas the THC compound in cannabis is still illegal is because THC is psychoactive ,whereas CBD carries the majority of the health benefits of cannabis flower. CBD has been clinically proven to help with physical pain as well as conditions like depression, anxiety, epilepsy, and even the side effects of radiation treatments for cancer.

While you can buy high CBD strains on their own that don’t have any psychoactive effects, you’ll find that more often than not, CBD and THC are more and more presently working together to give a bit of the psychoactivity that cannabis users enjoy while they benefit from the pain-fighting cannabinoids.

Naturally there are a variety of strains of which to choose from with almost as many varieties of THC/CBD ratios, allowing you to be able to make the best choice for the purposes you intend for it. But in order to simplify things, we’ve compiled a list of the best high CBD strains with at least a two-to-one, CBD to THC, ratio.

The Best Uses for High CBD Strains

Cannabis strains that contain high levels of CBD can have numerous effects on your body, which differ greatly from cannabis strains with high THC.

Even though strains with more CBD tend to not have the psychoactive effects, this doesn’t mean that you might not feel something. According to a number of users, some strains that have next to no THC content still give them a mild buzz compared to the often heavier ones experienced while using high-THC cannabis.

CBD-rich strains are great news if you’re one of those whose anxiety goes up when you smoke a THC-rich strain. Plus when you smoke CBD, you don’t get the feeling of being foggy or unable to process information, making CBD an excellent choice for those with demanding jobs and family lives.

Our Top High CBD Content Strains

These popular strains are the ones we have found to produce the best experiences with their CBD-rich content, and they’re usually readily available at any time, and you totally should try them all.

Harlequin – This is perhaps the most famous high CBD strain that usually averages a five to two CBD to THC ratio. The well-loved Harlequin is a sativa-dominant strain that typically gives a slight feeling of euphoria in its users. This strain is excellent for those who need to still be active and present in the day, but still need a mild, soothing lift.

Cannatonic –

Don’t let the name fool you. With an average two to one CBD to THC ratio, it relaxes the user without generating the side effects of anxiety and paranoia that one can sometimes get with THC-rich strains.

ACDC – This popular strain packs a ratio of 20:1 CBD to THC. The THC content is miniscule at best, which makes it a great relief for those who suffer with chronic anxiety and pain.

These three high CBD content strains are highly recommended if you’re still looking for relaxation and relief without the fog or worrying about trying to be present in the moment.

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