Do-Si-Dos Strain

Origins of the Do-Si-Dos Strain

Do-Si-Dos is a descendant of the illustrious GSC (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies) strain, crossed with Face Off OG. This combination results in a potent strain with a heavy-handed impact and a THC content that often reaches upwards of 20%.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

Do-Si-Dos captivates the senses with its rich, sweet aroma. The scent is a sweet mix of floral, mint, and earthy notes with hints of pine and lime. The flavor mirrors its fragrance, delivering a sweet, earthy taste with mint and spice.

In terms of appearance, Do-Si-Dos features densely packed, lime-green buds covered with a generous coating of crystal trichomes. It’s purple leaves and bright orange hairs make this strain as pleasing to the eye as it is to the senses.

Effects of the Do-Si-Dos Strain

The effects of Do-Si-Dos are potent and fast-acting. Users often report an initial cerebral high that uplifts mood and enhances focus. This mental stimulation soon leads to deep body relaxation, promoting restfulness and tranquility.

Medical Applications

Do-Si-Dos offers potential benefits to medical cannabis users. Its mood-enhancing effects may help manage symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. Simultaneously, it’s deeply relaxing physical high might alleviate chronic pain, muscle tension, and insomnia.

Growing the Do-Si-Dos Strain

Cultivating Do-Si-Dos can be a rewarding experience for growers. This strain is known for its high yields and beautiful, trichome-covered buds. It prefers a warm, sunny climate and typically flowers within 8-9 weeks when grown indoors.

Is Do-Si-Dos the Right Strain for You?

If you’re seeking a potent, balanced strain with a delicious flavor profile and potential therapeutic benefits, Do-Si-Dos might be an excellent choice. Remember to start slowly with high-THC strains and adjust your dosage based on your tolerance and desired effects.


With its captivating flavors, potent effects, and striking appearance, Do-Si-Dos offers a unique and enriching cannabis experience. Whether you’re a recreational user seeking a balanced high or a medical patient looking for potential symptom relief, Do-Si-Dos delivers a dance of effects that’s sure to satisfy. Take a spin with this outstanding strain and revel in the symphony of sensations it brings.

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